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where can granite be found?

There are various types of granite in the continental crust, however the most common ones are located in mountains.

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Where can granite be found in the world?

In Brazil, India, China, Finland, South Africa and North America, granite deposits produce the most exotic colours, but granite can also be found in granite mines in Brazil, India, China. Capital and labor are both needed to mine granite. It is necessary to cut or blast granite chunks from deposits to extricate them.

Where is the most granite on earth?

Brazilian, Italian, Indian, and Chinese quarries produce most of the world's granite countertops. There is a distinct characteristic of each region. In Brazil, the granite Van Gogh is made, which has a stunning blue color--as well as Blue Fire, another granite from Brazil.

Can granite be found all over the world?

There are granite quarries around the world that produce granite. In this way, each type of granite takes on the appearance of the minerals prevalent in the earth in the region in which it was quarried. A good example is Chinese granite, which is predominantly brown.

How deep can granite be found?

The geological community generally agrees that it forms between 25 and 40 Kilometers underground. Molten magma is a source of this rock, which over time forms it from igneous rock. As a result of the presence of quartz, mica, and feldspar, granite is a stone.

Can granite be found on the surface?

There are four main types of intrusive igneous rocks on Earth: granite, sandstone, chrysotile and dolomite. It is probably baffling why there is so much granite on Earth's surface, since granite is a deep-seated mineral. Rocks that have been deep underground are thrust to the surface by colliding continental plates.