Can You Use Wheat For Your Life Stone Bdo?

As a Shining Alchemy Stone of Protection/Destruction, the new Spirit Stone is as efficient as the Shining Alchemy Stone of Protection/Destruction. On October 23rd, Black Desert Online KR added a new Spirit Stone. The new Spirit Stone has the same effect as the Alchemy Stone, but with a lower durability and cannot be recharged, polished, or upgraded.

How Do You Make Alchemy Stone Of Life In Bdo?

  • The Shining Powder comes in 10 different sizes.
  • The Sinner’s Blood is packaged in three different sizes.
  • The Powder of Time is 5 x 5.
  • The 10 x 10 pack contains a pure powder reagent.
  • We’ll start with the easiest one, then move on to the hardest one.
  • What Do You Do With Life Spirit Stone In Bdo?

    Spirits cannot be used to make it. Press RMB to equip a Spirit Stone in your inventory, and press (U) to use it. As well as Alchemy/Spirit stone of Destruction/Protection, it can be used. You can obtain Mystical Spirit Powder by grinding in the Processing window (L).

    How Do You Make Polished Stone In Bdo?

    Heating Iron Ore is the source of this product. The natural ingredient that is processed and can be used in crafting. Alchohol or processing can be used to transform it into something else. The Grinding window (L) on Rough Stone x10 can be used to obtain this information.

    How Do You Get Destruction Spirit Stone In Bdo?

  • As a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes, Destruction Spirit Stone can be obtained.
  • Nodes Kamasylvia Navarn Steppe [3CP] Danger. Navarn Steppe. Kamasylvia…
  • Nodes Kamasylvia Gyfin Rhasia Temple [3CP] Danger. Gyfin Rhasia Temple. Kamasylvia.
  • How Do You Get A Spirit Stone Fragment?

    Simple Cooking can help you obtain it by processing Purified Water and Water Spirit Stone Fragment.

    How Do You Get Life Spirit Stone In Bdo?

    A Spirit Stone of Perfection can be created by using Relentless Origin of Life x 4, Rough Five-colour Crystal x 4, and Oil of Tranquility x 10. Sunrise Herb x 50, Silver Azalea x 50, Fire-Flake Flower x 50, Dry Grass x 50, and Silk Honey Grass x 50 are some of the ingredients used to create Origin of Life.

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