Can You Sell Thw Stone Of Galorr?

Stone of Golorr has three charges and regains 1d3 of its expended charge every morning. As you hold the stone, you can cast the Legend Lore spell by expending 1 of its charges. Cast Legend Lore with the stone and you will be able to communicate directly with the aboleth, and it will share its knowledge.

Who Has Stone Of Golorr?

Volo hired the adventurers who rescued Renaer Neverember and Floon Blagmaar to discover its existence, but little else is known about it. Zhentarim and Xanathar interrogators asked the adventurers questions about it, but no one answered them. A Stone of Golorr is currently in the possession of adventurers, with all three of its eyes recovered.

How Did Xanathar Get The Stone Of Golorr?

One of the three Eyes from the Zhentarim was stolen by Xanathar, who stole the Stone of Golorr from Lord Neverember. Dalakhar then took the Stone from him, and he lost it.

Where Do I Get The Stone Of Golorr?

An ancient artifact belonging to the Abolethic Sovereignty, the Stone of Golorr is a stone of the god Golorr. The vault was kept in the ancient floating city of Xxiphu on the world of Abeir for millennia, but it was lost during the Wailing Years.

What Does The Stone Of Golorr Want?

As with the legend lore spell, the Stone of Golorr could be used to access the aboleth’s memory. The stone could be recharged three times, until the next morning when it would be recharged.

What Is Golorr?

In addition to its Intelligence of 18, its Wisdom of 16, and its Charsma of 18, the Stone of Golorr is a sentient magic item. With a range of 120 feet, it has hearing and darkvision. In order for that creature to understand at least one language, it must communicate telepathically with it.

Who Stole The Stone Of Golorr?

As the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember embezzled a treasure from the Vault of Dragons shortly before he was ousted from the position of Open Lord of Waterdeep in the late 15th century DR. The Stone of Golorr was used to store the treasure’s location

What Is A Nimblewright?

As bodyguards, assassins, or spies, Nimblews were humanoid-shaped constructs.

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