A Large Fortified Stone Building?

Forts and stations used to be called fortresses in the United States. In some cases, fortified houses were used by militias, state and federal military units, but their primary purpose was to protect civilians or private property. There were times when a stockade surrounded the building.

What Is A Fortified Defensive Structure?

In our opinion, FORTRESS is the most likely answer to this clue.

What Is A Large Sieve Called?

riddle is a large sieve used to separate soil from vegetables or compost particles.

What Is An Elastic Corset Called?

A glossary of synonyms, crossword answers, and other related words for WOMAN’S ELASTIC CORSET [girdle].

What Is The Meaning Of Fortified Building?

A fortress is a structure, wall, or ditch built to protect a place and make it more difficult to attack. Fortifications are buildings, walls, or ditches that protect a place.

What Is Another Word For Habitual Way Of Thinking?






Habitual way of thinking



“Good thinking!” thought



Thinking clearly



Habitual surfer

What Is Calm And Tranquil?

It is tranquil when a place or state of mind is peaceful, quiet, and serene. In the same way that a pond is calm and placid, tranquil means calm and placid. In addition to being tranquil, a pleasant state of mind without any anxiety or agitate can also be considered pleasant.

What Are Fortified Buildings Called?

Forts and stations used to be called fortresses in the United States.

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